4.3 Upgrade General Release!

As with any software product in this rapidly changing desktop computing environment, the need to keep pace is imperative. At WPA, constant product improvement is our goal! Based on recommendations from our clients, we have added numerous features which greatly enhance our product offerings. We have recently released new DOS & WINDOWS clients, and improved Max-Fax and Fax Server software. Some clients have had interim releases, however, all installations should now be up to speed with our latest version of software.

The new features include:

  An optional "Distribution List" feature informing all recipients of all other recipients of a given fax.
  More informative Pending Fax Queue information.
  A "Fax Submission Date Field" has been added to the central cover page information.
  A "No Fax Cover Page" option is now available.
  "Integrated Client Matter Lookup" has been greatly enhanced to provide a greater level of compatibility and validation speeds.
  Other improvements include enhancements to Phone Book ownership, Fax-Server to Fax-Server binary transmit capabilities and the auto-install process.
  An optional "Range of Pages" is now available, which allows faxing of only selected pages.
  Optional "Local Copy Printing" of each fax. Copies will print to user's default printer exactly as it was faxed (including letterheads and signatures where applied.)
  Active Button Focus is improved throughout all dialogs.
  Display Mode-Zoom Percentage awareness upon startup ensures that a user is returned to whatever state was selected prior to beginning the fax process.
  Previously Hard Coded options are now personalized through the MAXFAX.INI file.
  Improved Fax Server error detection and automatic recovery.
  More informative E-Mail Messaging that provides the precise status of each fax including the entire cover page message as well as the delivery validation stamp.
  The Fax Server is now able to automatically run the billing process and deposit the information for automatic processing by accounting.

Beta releases containing further improvements are already at various client sites and can be expected for general release within the next 30 days.

New Administrator manuals that reflect this new release level have been forwarded to all clients that participate in our Premium Support Program.



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