4.4 General Release

Development at WPA is continuing more rapidly than ever as evidenced by the eminent release of version 4.4 of the Fax Administrator Client, Fax Server & Max-Fax for all major applications. Our programmers continue to impress with their ability to maintain a cutting edge product that is based upon feedback from clients. The new features in this release greatly enhance flexibility and performance for the client/server modules and various areas of back office automation. The new features include:

  HELP is improved and includes a list of all fax queue status conditions.
  User I.D.'s may now exceed eight characters without impacting phone books and rights via personal or group .CFG files.
  Mail Names may now consist of up to 26 characters.
  E-mail messages for multiple recipient faxes have been re-engineered to provide one e-mail that contains an actual audit trail of all pertinent status information for each and every individual fax.



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