Version 4.5 Release!

Development at WPA has also resulted in the most recent release of Fax Administrator and Max-Fax products. They are distributed for no charge to all Premium Support & Warranty Clients and include the following new features:

  WIN95 & NT Auto-Install -- The Fax Administrator Printer install is now totally automatic and keys on the Operating System detected upon client activation
  Citrix WINFrame Compatibility provides dial-in users with the ability to access the Network Fax resources via this dial-in platform
  Enhanced E-Mail & Fax Server Printing Modules provide for multiple recipient audit trails and improved tracking of resubmitted or aborted facsimiles
  Client/Matter Numbers are now included in the Confirmation Page & E-Mail evidentiary stamp which provides for ease of filing
  10-Digit Dialing & Local Area code rules provide for automatic correction of inaccurate fax number entries & conformity with new 10-digit dialing requirements beginning to appear in certain market areas
  Recipient Voice Number inclusion in the Check Fax Summarization provides a convenient reference for users requiring this information while checking fax status
  International Dialing Template fields are expanded to accommodate international fax number changes
  Enhanced Fax Billing Options provide for the ability to automatically track Fax Page charges differently between local versus long distance and establish a ceiling on local fax charges
  No Cover Page "Recipient Addressing"
  Exchange\Outlook Mail MAPI compatibility for Fax Status Notifications and In-Bound Fax Routing
  In-Bound Faxing Beta Release
  Expanded NT Client & Server Support
  Improved Multi-Fax Document Manager provides faster processing of very large faxes
  M/S 97 (Word 8 & Excel 8) & Corel 7 Fax Integration
  Timekeeper I.D.'s may now be obtained from environment variables
  Zoom/Pan controls added to Fax Preview
  Signature PIN Encryption



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