Version 4.6 Release

As with prior releases, version 4.6 represents the consolidation of all features and functions generally (or specifically for clients) developed since our version 4.5 release (July 1997). It includes ver. 4.5a, 4.5b and later features to include:

  Remembered Senders List provides the ability to recall all of the "From Name" & "Voice number" entries that have ever been entered when sending a fax
  The ability to automatically detect user's network windows directories so they can be identified across the network regardless of where they login
  Declare client/matter default sorting as numeric versus description
  The ability to save recipient information without declaring a default client/matter number
  Declare a specific dialtemplate for local calls versus long distance
  Automatically generate a hardcopy audit report for the prior days fax activity
  Detect non-billable codes and sort/total these separately from billable
  Automatically generate nightly billing files and append to existing if detected that a previous file has not yet been processed
  Seven entries are no longer required in phone books
  More noticeable evidentiary stamp on hardcopy and e-mail confirmations and inclusion of recipients voice number
  Fax printer auto-install intelligence that detects 300 vs. 600 dpi for automatically configuring each users printer to match their default
  International Operating System detection, language support, date formats and telephone dialing intelligence
  Native Danyl & Elite billing file formats
  Phone list expansion to 32,000 recipients
  Peer-to-Peer Client/Server support for remote office WAN connections, LANtastic, Windows for Workgroups and WIN 95
  Vastly improved In-Bound Faxing support with user activity tracking, enhanced printing and bin selection
  Corel 7-Legal & Corel 8 integration
  Novell VLM support
  New user manuals covering all new features, dialogs and in-bound faxing
  New TechPubs for enabling all new capabilities and functions



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