Fax Success at Last!

by Randy Steere, Manager of Information Services at Shipman & Goodwin in Connecticut

I spent several years reviewing fax server products in an attempt to find a vendor to take seriously the needs of law firms. At the 1994 LawNet Conference, I saw a demo of WPA's Fax Administrator product and was quickly impressed with their refreshing approach. We have since installed Fax Administrator and my users quickly took a liking to it.

The two most striking aspects about this product are the simple, yet powerful design of the software and the flexibility which this open design allows. The ability to configure a program in order to tailor it to our needs and integrate it into our system is very important. Fax Administrator provides more flexibility than any other fax program I've seen. By keeping things simple, the server has been extremely stable and fast.

The most striking aspect about the company is their desire to listen to our needs and quickly respond to them. WPA has implemented more of my suggestions over the last six months than Alcom and RightFAX were willing to do over the last three years!

We have integrated Fax Administrator into Word for Windows and Excel. We were able to customize the macros which run the software in order to meet our attorneys' requirements. The results have been very successful and have definitely led to widespread use of the product. We had to add additional classes to meet the demand for users wanting to use this marvelous technology.



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