The Largest Law Firm Network Facsimile Installation in the World!

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that WPA has been performing a Fax Administrator installation that encompasses approximately 3,600 users located in 16 offices around the world. Other significant aspects of the installation include:

  Lotus Notes AddressBook & E-Mail Integration
  Local Node Installation & Activation of WPA Client Software
  Out-Bound and In-Bound Fax Servers that maintain between 16 (for the largest offices) ot 4 (for the smaller offices) Fax Ports
  DOCS OPEN Integration
  Direct Oracle SQL Client/Matter Validation
  Native ELITE Accounting Compatibility

While public mention of this account name is prohibited for all of their vendors, reference information consisting of contact names and telephone numbers will be provided upon request. We are told that inquiries are more than welcome!



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