New Enhancements

Development at WPA is continuing more rapidly than ever as evidenced by the recent distribution of version 4.4 of the Fax Administrator Client, Fax Server & Max-Fax for all major Windows applications. This no charge upgrade has been distributed to all clients participating in our Premium Support Program and their reviews have been outstanding.

Other new enhancements that are now available include:

  M/S Exchange notifications for fax status messages!
Consisting of a "MAPI Client Service" that runs under NT at the Exchange Server, this offering provides for instant user "Fax Status" e-mail notifications.
  Long Distance/Local Area Code Auto-Dialing Intelligence!
New statements in the Client/Server configuration file allow you to declare your local area code(s) as various dialing exceptions so that all recipient fax numbers may always be entered in the same manner. By having the users enter all numbers with the area code (and not with a "1" for Long Distance), we overcome the most troubling issue related to successful Network Facsimile implementation - wrong number entries. With this added level of intelligence at the Fax Server, we automatically add the "1", or; keep the area code "as is", or; pass the number without the "1" and area code when needed and based upon the exception(s) declared.

New installations are automatically provided with these enhancements. Existing clients with an interest in implementation should contact us for further information.



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