WPA was founded in 1976 with the purpose of providing highly specialized solutions, consulting and services to law firms and government agencies.

Product offerings were originally procured from third parties and resold to clients with a specific need for any particular solution. While we always added significant value to any third-party product, this unfortunately meant that all product capabilities were not within our control and always capable of meeting our rigid specifications for client satisfaction. Most manufacturers believed that they had built the greatest "mouse-trap" and this was the very best solution for every customer they met, even though a client's needs may be somewhat different.

In 1994, WPA launched a software development effort to build a network facsimile solution that would meet the very specific goals of:

Bullet-Proof Performance for the Most Demanding Clients
Ability to Handle Most Any Volume Requirement
Extreme Ease-of-Use to Ensure Minimal Training
Effortless Integration
Completely WPA Manufactured and Quality Controlled
Easily Tailorable to Different Clients Needs
Compatibility with Existing Back-Office Accounting & Tracking Processes
Offer the Highest Possible Document Quality and Enhance Our Clients Image
Constantly Adapt to Evolving Client Requirements and Popular Industry Platforms
Stand Above Our Competitors Via Unique Development Efforts and Superior Capabilities

Our efforts have been quite successful and rewarding. WPA has developed an extremely large base of some of the most prestigious users of network facsimile servers in the world. With a heavy emphasis on law firms, WPA has illustrated that it can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients and is clearly a recognized leader in this technology. WPA's efforts are now totally directed towards further Fax Administrator/Max-Fax development and support as well as other software development efforts.


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