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SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA...March 29, 1999...WPA Network Integration Solutions ( today released major enhancements to it's Fax Administrator © Network Facsimile product that provide for the seamless integration of Out-Bound and In-Bound Desktop Facsimile processes with the iManage document management system (DMS). These enhancements offer dramatic new features to iManage customers that seek to further improve their office automation processes and significantly lower expenses.

"Right/Click - Fax a Document" from any Worklist, Project or Search Results items which
automatically processes the fax (or faxes) to one or many recipients directly from each user's
workstation. Automatic document host application identification is built into this process.

Obtaining client\matters or accounting codes directly from iManage document profiles,
validating authenticity, passing the data to the PBX or Telco for call costing and to
accounting (in native accounting system formats) for fax billing processes.

Integrated Client\Matter or accounting code lookup that is automatically
compiled from the iManage SQL database.

"Save As" and "Local Save As" functions directly within WPA's integrated Fax Viewer
that allows for the long-term retention\profiling of Sent Faxes or In-Bound Faxes that
are automatically routed to users desktops via standard e-mail platforms.

"Right/Click - Fax a Document" for re-faxing profiled Sent or In-Bound Faxes
to other recipients outside the firm/organization.

Updates to Document Histories to indicate the date & time faxes are sent.

"Right/Click - Check Fax Queues" provides a seamless path for users interacting
with their Pending, Sent or Received Faxes.

"Right/Click - Fax a Cover Page" provides for the quick faxing of a message in
situations when faxing a document is unnecessary.

These new capabilities are over and above the standard offerings of phenomenal fax quality, electronic letterheads\signatures, personalized Fax Cover Pages with optional distribution lists for multiple recipient faxes, multiple document faxing, feature-rich in-bound fax forwarding to the desktop and real-time fax status messages via standard e-mail platforms.

WPA's PerfectFaxPtr© technology also ensures "what-you-print is what-you-fax" by auto-matching the currently selected printer and using the precise Windows Print Driver for the Fax Administrator Printer. Other enhancements include the seamless integration of Fax Administrator into Microsoft Outlook, Interface InterAction and Lotus Notes. The efficiency and functionality of WPA's desktop fax offerings saves thousands of dollars per user and can entirely eliminate paper from the facsimile transmission process.

"Working with the iManage staff and their DMS product is a pleasure," said Charles Daimler, Director of Client Satisfaction, WPA Network Integration Solutions. "Any customer involved with DMS should be delighted with the success of iManage including those that use competitive products. A better product choice from a company dedicated to 100% reference-ability from it's client base is a dream-come-true for MIS staffs, users and developers." WPA has been an iDevelop/iManage Partner for about six months and development has been on a fast track with iManage customer installations already completed.

About WPA

Established in 1976 as a Systems Integrator, WPA redirected itself to software development and (more specifically) the development of Fax Administrator in 1994. Fax Administrator has become one of the most respected network facsimile products in the world. Deep-rooted in the legal community, Fax Administrator provides the capabilities expected by firms of all sizes and is easily tailored to meet varying needs including those of the non-legal community. Fax Administrator is marketed world-wide by WPA and a network of authorized resellers. For more information please contact or visit the website

About NetRight Technologies, Inc.

NetRight Technologies is a privately held company, headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. NetRight develops document and content management solutions, designed for both specific industry applications and enterprise wide use. The iManage product line specializes in applications for use in legal, banking/finance, government, retail and professional services markets. NetRight first introduced its iManage product line in 1996. For detailed sales and product information please contact or visit the website at

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