Fax Administrator

The only fax solution "really" developed for major law firms and now available to corporate and government users as well.



Totally automates the entire fax preparation process for users of "all standalone or network facsimile product offerings by most every manufacturer" and provides for electronic letterhead/signatures.


Consulting, Integration & Training

WPA Customer Satisfaction Representatives are clearly recognized as experts in the implementation of network facsimile solutions. With an average of 15+ years experience in law firm automation, they provide a common-sense approach towards ensuring the very best level of performance possible in the shortest period of time. A 250 node network can be guaranteed to be faxing in less than two days. This is inclusive of all key personnel and MIS staff training and back-office compatibility. In addition, these same individuals maintain total responsibility for any given account and are knowledgeable in all aspects of law firm technology, including all primary applications and the many issues related to networking. Many integrators and independent training organizations are also qualified to assist in these areas.


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